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#Supportlocal is trending. Why is it important?

Hi STANDmakers!

I am Nicole Seow, editor of NewsSTAND.

Welcome to our first article! We hope to inspire you with what’s trending, beauty, fashion, empowerment, health and fitness, entertainment, etc. You can check back with us every week for new articles. Our dream is to create a community of people who lift one another up, even if we’re miles apart!

By now, you would’ve probably seen adverts on GrabFood, Foodpanda, even ChannelNewsAsia with the hashtag #supportlocal. Maybe you’re a loyal customer of a Singaporean-owned store. You might have received emails or messages to purchase from their store, that delivery is still available. Why is it so important to patronise local businesses? What possible tangible benefits could our local coffee shop uncle and aunty reap? Turns out, it’s a lot more than just monetary benefits.

Supporting our economy

By supporting local businesses, you are essentially supporting the economy. The money you spend at a local business will go to the owners to spend on rent, employment, materials and so on. This money will funnel back into the economy, increasing growth. So not only will you be helping the owners, think about the people you’ll be helping to employ too!

Unique goods, tailored just for you

Sometimes, when we buy from big box stores, a lot of things we buy, like clothes or shoes have standard sizes. But what if you’re not the standard size? Coming from a girl with big feet, it’s great to have shoes that are customised and tailored to my size. That’s a benefit of buying local; it’s easier to find owners who are willing to go the distance to make sure you get the best product possible!

Helping our neighbours

Hungry for the flavours of your childhood? You can always go down to the coffee shop to get nasi lemak, or get it delivered. And because each of us has a special childhood memory associated with food, it’s time to give back to the uncle or aunty who has been feeding you delicious food since you were a child. Especially during this tough time when we aren’t allowed to communicate face to face, a little support or encouragement will go a long way!

Keeping our heritage alive

One thing I love about Singapore brands is that every business has an inspiring story to tell. Whether it’s a family-run business, with recipes passed down from generation to generation, or an independent startup that’d overcome the odds, there are amazing stories of hard work and dreams. When you shop at a local brand, you’re also encouraging the owners to keep going with their great service and products. It’s a way of saying that you respect all their effort, and you stand for what they believe in too!

It’s better for the environment

Most of the time, small local businesses have smaller carbon footprints compared to multinational corporations. Because multinational corporations tend to import more materials, their fossil fuel usage is higher than SMCs. So yes, you can shop freely without worrying about the polar bears!

Till the next one!

Standing with you,

Nicole Seow

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