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STAND is a Singapore brand that specializes in customised handmade footwear with purposeful inscriptions. Every day, as you put them on, be reminded of what you stand for.
STAND’s vision is ‘to create a better world, one step at a time, literally’. 


Tagline ‘Walk Your Talk’ serves to empower you to create the world and life that you want.


Our slogan ‘What do you stand for?’ aims to evoke your purpose.
‘We live in a world that’s very much absorbed with physical beauty standards. I get its significance and advantages, but positive values that truly matter and every human being has in us are neglected and forgotten. Like love, compassion, kindness, respect, empathy, equality, etc.
I stand for expanding ourselves and balancing life with an emphasis on inner beauty too. There’s more to life. That is why I created STAND, to effectively advocate this message through fashion. Shoes are symbolic of this vision.’

– Founder, Eilania Lee

Eilania Lee STAND.jpg
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