You want your shoes to fit, so do we!

Ever bought shoes of a certain size from one brand and a size or half a size bigger/smaller from another? That’s because there is no universal sizing chart.


Hence, to ensure accuracy, if this is your first time buying from us, we highly recommend measuring your feet. It’s easy! Just got to do this once and we will definitely keep a record for future purchases!

Stand on measuring tape with the heel at end of it against a wall. Take measurement to the nearest millimeter at the end of the longest toe.

Or refer to our sizing chart:

Currently, we make for women sizes EU33 to EU43 (215mm to 265mm). For customers with sizes beyond, hang in there,  we are exploring and will update once that is provided!


Width adjustments for narrow and wide feet are also available. Simply choose ‘Narrow’, ‘Standard’ or ‘Wide’ while ordering. No additional cost!


What’s more, we understand it is common that both feet are not of the same size.

Thus, for customisation, we can make different sizes for each foot with no extra charge!


Say goodbye to inserts and settling for less!

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